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“Battle Against the Flu” on radio 10 January

Thursday January 10 at 10:06 am on the east coast, the Diane Rehm Show will focus on the flu. You can read the advance description at http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2013-01-10/battle-against-flu.

To find your local station, if you don’t already know it, go to www.npr.org. Most local stations make their broadcasts available on their web sites.

“This year’s flu season started early and is hitting hard. Diane and her guests discuss how it compares to previous years and what flu vaccines can and cannot do.”

Among the guest is Don Milton (University of Maryland) who has been looking at airborne transmission routes and engaged in the dialogue regarding airborne vs fomite transmission.


Hal Levin

Hal Levin is a research architect and leads the Building Ecology Research Group in Santa Cruz, CA.

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