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Round up of Tweets from #ASM2015, no thanks to Storify

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Well, I missed the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) meeting this year that just took place in New Orleans, sadly.  But I followed a lot of the meeting on Twitter.  Thanks to all the people who posted – it was captivating.  I looked around tonight and I could not find any please that had captured all the Tweets using the meeting hashtag #ASM2015.  So I went to Storify to try to make one for the meeting.  I spent about two hours trying different options but kept running into glitches – in particular I discovered that Storify capped the number of Tweets one could include at 1000.  Well, there were a lot more than that for the meeting.  So I thought – maybe I could make one Storify for each day.  This turned out to be a real pain and I gave up after trying this for a while.

The only solution I have come up with so far is to search for the hashtag directly on Twitter and then slowly, painfully, use the scrolling option and scroll through all the Tweets and then save this final compendium.  This took a long long time.  But it does seem to have worked.

Here is a PDF of all the Tweets.

I am sure there are better ways to do this.  If anyone knows of simple ones, please share …

6 thoughts on “Round up of Tweets from #ASM2015, no thanks to Storify

  1. Hi there,

    In medicine and health, http://www.symplur.com is a site that automatically creates a searchable archive for health-related hashtags. You may be able to ask Audun Utengen there about whether ASM might register with him in the future to get the same thing. Or, perhaps he will tell you about general science sites.
    (Recently used #cancerfilm archive at symplur for a blog. No apparent limit on tweets. > 60,000)

      1. Hi Jonathan,

        You can download the spreadsheet from Goog docs, so anything you can do with a spreadsheet (like network analysis with Gephi) can be done. I looked and Storify doesn’t appear to support this, and to be honest I don’t think the app is well equipped for this number of Tweets.

        However, the Google Tags (thanks to Martin Hawksey @mhawksey) app offers some slick visualizations:
        Searchable archive with Tweet frequency and ability to drill down by date:

        Network analysis, top tweeters, hashtags

        Both links are automagically generated when you create an archive, and linked at the bottom of the “readme/settings” tab. You just need to make sure to start the archive no more than 8 days after the hashtag started being used.

        Hope this helps!


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