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Webinar on “Microbiomes and the Environment” 

Got pointed to this by Ameet Pinto on Twitter and it seems likely of interest



From the site:

The Microbiome and the Environment
Microorganisms are Earth’s oldest life forms and have come to inhabit virtually every location on the planet. Recent advances in technology have enabled researchers to dissect how microorganisms interact with their surroundings. These investigations reveal that microorganisms exist in complex communities commonly referred to as “the microbiome.”

These microbial communities have been found to be integral to many processes, including human and animal health, and environmental nutrient cycling. In light of our growing appreciation of the importance of the microbiome, ACS Publications is hosting a three-part webinar series focusing on it with sessions on:

– The Microbiome and the Environment
– Microbiome Technologies
– The Microbiome in Health and Disease

This first webinar in the series, The Microbiome and the Environment, will provide an overview of the role microorganisms play in both natural and engineered environments. The speakers will put particular focus on the importance of microorganisms in the urban water cycle and how molecular biology is providing insights into the complex microbial communities of wastewater treatment plants and the spread of antibiotic-resistant genes.

Key Learning Objectives

– Identify where the microbiome is playing an important role in the environment.
– Describe the role of the microbiome in the urban water cycle.
– Explain how to study the microbiome of wastewater treatment plants.


Registration and more info here: Event Registration (EVENT: 1221735 – SESSION: 1)

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