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Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics Meeting (#LAMG2018) Day 1

Arrived today for the bi-annual Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics meeting up in the San Bernadino mountains.  This is my 4th time at this meeting, and it’s my clear favorite.  As in past years, I’ll blog something about the talks each day and will try to do some sort of collection of tweets as well (no Storify anymore…)

The first day only has a few evening talks.

Started off with an introduction to the meeting by Jeffrey H. Miller.

Next was the (always amusing) “Lake Arrowhead and Microbial Genomics” talk by Jonathan Eisen which gave an amusing (false) history of the Conference as well as shared amusing quotes from years past.

Then a great talk by Tanja Woyke “From Single Cells to Giant Viruses”.  She talked first about their work finding giant viruses in “mini-metagenomes” which are isotope and Raman spectroscopy sorted microcolonies (to look for active cells).  Isolated new clade of giant viruses from wastewater, recently extended the work to soil.  Then talked about Archaea that are so tightly host-associated that they come through their “single cell” pipeline.  Some of the first genomic descriptions of Nanoarchaeota.

Lastly “Long-read Metagenomics of Fermented Foods” by Rachel Dutton.  Starting off by iterating the challenges of what’s actually going on in a complex microbial community.  Specifically she is asking a lot of interesting questions about horizontal gene transfer (HGT) within these communities.  Showed how they look for HGT in genomes, but much harder in metagenomic data.  So they turned to Nanopore data which gives much longer reads.

Here is a Wakelet of all the tweets from Day 1:


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