UPDATED AGAIN – Sloan Grantees in Program in Microbiology of the Built Environment – Workshop May 31, June 1

UPDATED AGAIN: For those funded by the Sloan Foundation Program in Microbiology of the Built Environment there will be a workshop for all grantees in Boulder May 31 and June 1. Apologies for the earlier incorrect posting with dates of May 24-25.  The perils of blogging while hosting a meeting … I posted before the dates …

Updated microBEnet calendar – additional suggestions wanted

In preparation for the New Year, we’ve updated our “Upcoming Events” page and calendar to include conferences/workshops etc. that we hope will be of interest.  We’ve tried to include both microbiology and building sciences, but mainly places where they overlap. http://www.microbe.net/upcoming-events/ Please feel free to send us any additional suggestions!  

Conference of interest: Conference on Building Energy and Environment

Just became aware of a conference that may be of interest to those who care about microbiology of the built environment: The Second International Conference on Building Energy and Environment (COBEE). From their website: Energy and environment concerns have been ranked among the top problems facing society for the next 50 years, of which buildings …

Slides from #IndoorAir2011 w/ audio

I updated my slides from my talk at Indoor Air 2011 with audio. Here they are: Eisen.indoor air2011 http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=eisen-indoorair2011-110613124957-phpapp02&stripped_title=eisenindoor-air2011&userName=phylogenomics View more webinars from Jonathan Eisen We are working on getting some other presentations up here but are dealing with some sharing/copyright issues first.