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Compiling Information about COVID19 transmission, masks, filtration, schools, etc.

UPDATE March 24, 2021. Wrote a summary post here: https://microbe.net/2021/03/24/compilation-of-guidance-from-a-few-sources-on-school-reopening/ 


Trying to collect some of the various information about COVID19 transmission and related topics including masks, schools, CO2, variants, etc. Mostly from Twitter threads and News articles


Wall Street Journal: Double Face Masks? N95? Protect Yourself Against New Covid-19 Variants With These Mask Upgrades

  • Some important lines
    • Double masking is wearing one mask over another.
    • Most experts say a cloth mask over a surgical mask is the way to go
    • A second mask is generally not necessary when wearing an N95
  • Testing masks
    • When you breathe in, the mask should press in or flex into your face with the air flow. You can also breathe out. There should be no gaps of air coming out of the sides of your mask.
    • If your glasses fog up, that means air is escaping around the top of your mask by the nose bridge

Linsey Marr on Masks 2/5/21

NY Times article on Masks by Charlie Warzel and Zeynep Tufekci. It’s Been 10 Months, and I Still Don’t Know When to Replace My Mask!

Pointed to this by Linsey Marr on Twitter

Mask Brace

More on Masks






Good thread from Angie Rasmussen on Transmission


COVID Transmission Misc.

COVID Variants

One thought on “Compiling Information about COVID19 transmission, masks, filtration, schools, etc.

  1. As a Public Service the Life Sciences Institute of NJ (LSINJ) has submitted a MS on COVID-19 Pandemic which has been accepted for publication in the peer reviewed journal Acta Scientific Microbiology. In this long article, from the span of January 2020 to August 2020 we have compiled posts, social media extracts, news reports and scientific journal articles on the COVID-19 pandemic in 8 main segments and 2 ancillary segments. They are representative of most major, dimensions driving the COVID-19 pandemic, societal precautions, very human responses, virology, biology/medicine, epidemiology, governance, national and geopolitics as well as their conspiratorial distractions. The article is jointly coauthored by 26 diverse Board Members of the LSINJ and 2 additional coauthors who are externally affiliated coauthors. It should go on line shortly. However, versions of the article are posted on LinkedIn and the LSINJ website.

    (1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NONDr-I-szlTxtiAPcocCI5HOFssNZBM/view

    (2) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/multi-dimensional-factors-driving-pandemic-how-impact-ferez-soli-1e?trk=portfolio_article-card_title

    (3) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/multi-dimensional-factors-driving-pandemic-how-impact-ferez-soli?trk=portfolio_article-card_title

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