“Crowd-sourced” microbial community info transfer plus link to SIB Bioinformatics Resource portal

One of the unmet challenges to the Sloan Foundation’s Microbiology of the Built Environment (MoBE) program is the sharing of the results of the Foundation-funded studies as well as other studies of the indoor and built environment microbiome. At the American Society for Microbiology’s annual conference in Boston last week, I was impressed by Pieter …

Quick post – potentially useful new tool – Bio-Community Perl Toolkit

Just found an interesting new paper via automated Google Scholar searches: The Bio-Community Perl toolkit for microbial ecology. By Florent Angly, Christopher Fields, and Gene Tyson in Bioinformatics. Here is the abstract: Summary: The development of bioinformatic solutions for microbial ecology in Perl is limited by the lack of modules to represent and manipulate microbial community profiles …

Videos from QIIME/VAMPS Workshop in Boulder – Huse, Knight, Sogin, Caporaso, and Wendel

For a summary and list of talks from the QIMME/VAMPS Workshop, see here.   Below are the various presentation videos that I recorded at the meeting.     Mitch Sogin talks about the capabilities of VAMPS: Rob Knight talks about the capabilities of QIIME: Sue Huse discusses best practices in marker gene analysis (must-see for new …

Storify of tweets from QIIME/VAMPs meeting and ITS fungal meeting in Boulder

For those wanting to catch up on the workshop discussions that happened last week in Boulder, we’ve pulled together all the tweets into a Storify! Includes coverage of the QIIME/VAMPS bioinformatics workshop, and the subsequent fungal meeting focused on resources for ITS gene barcoding. [View the story “QIIME/VAMPS and ITS fungi #microbenet meetings” on Storify]

Great collection of free tools for microbiome analysis at the DACC #microBEnet

There is an excellent collection of tools and protocols for various microbiome analyses (genomics, metagenomics, rRNA) available at the Human Microbiome Project DACC site.  This includes downloadable tools, links to online web servers, and PDFs of various protocols.  Definitely worth checking out if you need some tools for sequence analysis.