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Each month we use this space to highlight a particular resource of interest to our readers. This month we are focusing on the Indoor Air Quality Scientific Finding Resource bank.  The informative website can be viewed at Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Scientific Findings Resource Bank (IAQ-SFRB) is being developed by the Indoor Environment Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided through an interagency agreement. The IAQ-SFRB serves as a resource for public health professionals, building professionals, and others who seek scientific information about the effects of IAQ on people’s health or work performance. For general introductory-level background information on IAQ, please see An Overview of IAQ.

The IAQ-SFRB provides information summarizing the state of scientific knowledge about the relationships between people’s health and productivity and the IAQ conditions or associated building characteristics in which the people work or reside. When possible, these relationships are expressed in quantitative terms using graphics, charts, or equations. The summaries also include brief descriptions of the actions that may be taken to improve the pertinent aspects of IAQ, including those related to building design, construction, operation, maintenance, and occupant activities. This web site also provides links for downloading published journal articles that were developed specifically for the IAQ-SFRB project.



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